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A Life in the Theatre, November 2023

“Corsar and Bradshaw retained the lightness required for the humour whilst also welcoming in the right tinge of anguish.” – Backstage Bristol. Read full review.

Tender Napalm, March 2023

“A wild ride… Jack Bannell as Man and Nina Bright as Woman are the superb actors this play calls for.” – Backstage Bristol review of Tender Napalm, March 2023. Read full review.

Decadence March 2022

Misplaced manage to meet this sense of ferociousness and add a whole heap of their own.” – Harry Mottram, Bath Voice.


The Fix Magazine review by Toby Reynolds.

SkyLightRain review and interview with Joanna Butler

Harry Mottram review by Joe Williams

…it is refreshing to see a brave and accomplished attempt to satirize these currents swirling around us.” The Fix Magazine, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️