Our first show

1- 5 March 2022 at Bristol’s Alma Tavern, Misplaced present their first production, Decadence by Steven Berkoff. Purchase tickets.

In Decadence, a terrifying light is brutally shone on the excesses of the 80s and all that decade offered and took away. Berkoff’s searing indictment of the moneyed classes is brought gloriously and grotesquely back to the modern stage by Misplaced.

How much has really changed? Are we a classless society? Can we Build Better? Have we Levelled Up? Welcome to the absurd and grotesque world of Steven Berkoff. Penguin suits and Mouton Rothschild Champagne collide with fake furs and powdered glass in gin. Absurd, horrifying and obscene in equal measure, watch Berkoff’s characters immerse themselves in ridiculous pursuits of pleasure and revenge while morality and compassion are nowhere to be seen.

Promo image
Ciaran Corsar and Amy Tanner in Decadence